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Yeguada Sol de Castilla provides accommodation for horses in transit. We have available brand new spacious boxes (different sizes depending on demand), with shaving wood, straw, water, electricity, all of them with an excellent isolation with security window (natural light) and wide access doors. Additionally we have other services under demand like horse feed (hay, alfalfa, feed, etc), vet services, horse equipment…and we can help as well with any possible truck repair, hotel accommodation, dinner, etc…


The service includes usage of the different arenas, all the countryside of our 22 Ha pine grove yard (all enclosure with a security fence), preparation area, shower areas, etc.


We are 13 km away from Arevalo and 31 km away from Avila (please check our location in the map below), with perfects roads to access, nearby the A6 Motorway (direct connection with the north of Spain (France), Madrid, Portugal (the place is located 5 km away from the highway that takes to Portugal) and the south of Spain (2 possible ways, via Madrid A4 or Via Ruta de la Plata (more direct and easy).


Yeguada Sol de Castilla has wide parking and loading areas, with an easy access and we are available 7 day a week. Our rate cards are flexible and consider discounts schemes depending on number of horses and service commitment (professionals). Do not hesitate to contact us at or (+34) 608.062.110 and we will provide you with dates confirmation and cost quote.        


We aim to be your full support partner in the area, with a high quality service and facility, together with an excellent value for money.